LKB ignoring part of the sentence?

Hi all, but maybe especially @johnca ,

I have a couple of students this quarter who have installed the LKB directly in their own linux environments, rather than using the Ubuntu+LKB set up. They pulled the LKB from the tarball linked here (I believe): LkbFos · delph-in/docs Wiki · GitHub

They are getting more parses with the same grammar than I do, and the key difference seems to be that in their set up, the LKB happily drops part of the string in some cases. For example:

tápos uwáh-uwáh-an =mo umansáy=i et-etúl-en =mo
then thing-thing-LV =2s.GEN DIST.SML.DEM=SPEC RDP-cut-PV =2s.GEN

When passed that string, their version of the LKB returns a parse for just the first token (as a verb, with dropped subject and object).

Any ideas as to what might behind this?

Thank you,

Hi @ebender , I haven’t seen a problem like this before so haven’t got any immediate ideas.

One thing that’s different between the latest Ubuntu+LKB and a recent standalone download of LKB-FOS via LkbFos · delph-in/docs Wiki · GitHub is that with the latter you get a more recent version of the LKB (5.6 rather than 5.5):

Welcome to LKB 5.5 (built with SBCL, 11:15:36 8 Dec 2021)
Welcome to LKB 5.6 (built with SBCL, 12:24:14 30 Dec 2022)

Input processing in 5.6 is slightly different in order to support token mapping, but there shouldn’t be any regressions for grammars that don’t do token mapping.

Could you post some further information?

(1) Are you parsing via [incr tsdb()], via the LKB’s ‘Parse…’ dialog box, or via the function lkb::do-parse-tty? Does the outcome vary depending on which of these routes is used?

(2) If the issue is present when you parse via do-parse-tty, is there a difference between the outputs in the two setups when you do ‘Advanced > Print token chart’ and ‘Advanced > Print parser chart’? And what is the value of the global variable lkb::*sentence* ?

If nothing stands out to you from this, could you email me the grammar and I’ll take a look?

Than you, Jon. I will ask the students. We should have updated Ubuntu+LKB for this year, and failed to do so. Next year I’ll be sure to use an up-to-date version!