LUI won't initialize

I updated my Ubuntu VM (bad idea) and now LUI crashes regularly for me. I checked the wiki at which gave some suggestions for 10.04 (I am running 16.04), but they didn’t work. I could swear I’ve had this problem, but I don’t remember how to solve it.

Here is the error I get when I run (lui-initialize):

LKB(4): (lui-initialize)
[NIL] lsp-loop(): premature end of file (read 1 characters)

I am running the logon distribution, and even did a fresh install. Does anyone know/recall how to fix this?

Sorry I don’t know the answer for this particular error message, but in general for a fresh install I only need to install libpng12 and maybe libjpeg 6 (or symlink /lib/ to a recent version; see For Ubuntu also see and maybe All of the above-linked instructions are years old, though, but since you’re using a 3-year-old version of Ubuntu they might be applicable.

I was missing some of the libraries, the sudo apt-get commands solved it.

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