Merging definitions with/wo SYNSEM on the path

When to include and when not to include SYNSEM in the path to a feature when you are merging something into a definition?

For example, this does not seem to work:

head-subj-ccomp-phrase := decl-head-subj-phrase & head-initial &
[ FORM nonfinite ] ] > ].

– I need to get rid of SYNSEM inside the COMPS list.

But normally I think SYNSEM is needed and so I often say something like:

mylang.add(type + β€˜:= [ SYNSEM.LOCAL.CAT.VAL.COMPS < > ].’,merge=True)

Is it just the valency lists that do not like it?

This is because the VAL features all take lists of synsem objects as their value, not lists of signs.

And that’s true of only VAL? Any other places I should worry about that?

Here are the Grammar Matrix feature geometry cheat sheets:

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