Negation vs Focus particles and scopal vs. intersective adjunct phrases

Another clarification point about adjunct rules and particles currently supported by the Matrix.

I noticed that, if I add both a focus particle and a negation particle, then, in at least some cases, I have both the adj-scop-phrase and the subtype of adj-int-phrase firing for focus particles. That might be because, in some cases at least, the negation library is adding just the general type of adj-scop-phrase, without any further constraints.

For example, for (1):

(1) Ivan     chitaet zhe knigu
    Ivan.NOM reads   FOC book.ACC
"But Ivan IS reading the book!" [rus]

I get three trees:
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12.38.13 PM

The first one is I think the only one I want here, it is licensed by the rule added by the information structure library.

The second and third one are licensed by a scopal adjunct phrase, which I think I do not want? Is that right?

It looks like I could just add intersective-mod-lex to the information structure marking modifier in the information structure library, and it would solve the issue (the tests pass). Just double checking here that this makes sense?

Yes, that makes sense.

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