New category for MRS-related questions?


I have an MRS-related question I want to post, and I don’t see an appropriate category. I assume creating categories is something only admins can do? Would you be willing to create a category called MRS?

Also, we suggested to David that he direct questions that come up during the Jacy demo that he doesn’t have the answer to to this site. What would be the appropriate category for those? Should we create a Jacy category (and also an ERG one?), or a more general one for questions about existing grammars?


I created a new category for MRS. It looks like it isn’t in fact possible to let non-admins create them, however you can always post in “Uncategorized” and suggest a new category.

I think it would make sense to have ERG and Jacy categories.

General questions about existing grammars could use the HPSG category?

I created both categories.

Thank you!

Thank you!