New dev docs for: Building Well-Formed MRS Trees

I’ve put together developer-focused documentation for “Building Well-Formed MRS Trees”.

Same idea as the MRS developer focused documentation: I tried to capture what I’ve learned the hard way over the last few years, and the easy way (i.e. from the existing docs and this forum) and put it all in one place.

As always: any and all feedback is appreciated! And same plan as the MRS dev overview: I plan to put it in the DELPH-IN docs how to section mid next month if there are no objections

Doc has moved to here. Added a clearer disclaimer at the top as per @arademaker:

This section is designed to help application developers understand how to build well-formed trees from MRS documents. To understand this section, first make sure you have a basic understanding of the MRS format or for a more academic or linguistic approach, explore Minimal Recursion Semantics: An Introduction.

Moving to the docs site next week.