New version of LKB-Fos for OSX and ERG1214

I got the latest versions of both ERG and LKB-Fos for OSX.

(1) On some parse attempts (in this case, I tried “This sonata is easy to play.” though I’ve seen this with other sentences), I see:


Sometimes I do not see that though. For example, “Cats chase dogs.” works fine provided I don’t forget the period. If I forget the period, it is “No parse” but no error.

(2) The punctuation used to be optional, no? (Not that it’s a problem.)

hi @olzama, I tried the two sentences with ERG trunk version (terg) and both work fine.

The second one, I didn’t provide the period.

Right. Well, I am not sure what is going on with my setup… @arademaker, this is just the OSX binaries, the latest version? The ERG version I got from here:

I can reproduce those problems if I use the ERG at -> Download. That’s an old version (1214). I recommend using the trunk version (2018). Follow the download instructions at

The SB-INT:INDEX -1 error doesn’t occur in the ‘classic’ LKB because a bug in ERG-1214’s idiom-rel-p function is not trapped by Allegro CL (due to a misguided attempt by the implementors at Franz to improve efficiency). But anyway, the bug is fixed in ERG-2018.

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Yes, last version of LKB_FOS binary!