No parses when adding regression tests



^M looks like a line break, actually! It is the Windows(?) carriage return, I think! But why would I have it in my files (for my tests, which I composed)?.. Still, we are probably on to something here :).


Yeah- in my case I’m guessing that those are the testsuites that I originally wrote on my machine, not in the vm. I’m not sure why it would show up in yours. But maybe you have a different character that the lkb/ace doesn’t recognize?


You have a good point that, if in my case it happens only to ungrammatical ones, then it must be the star. In which case it is failing for the wrong reason and is not checking the grammar. Shouldn’t it be aware about the star though?? So odd. I will try to look into it more.

One thing I did recently which is actually related to the asterisk is I added a couple of lines to’s customize_test_sentences() to ensure that the star is printed to the test_sentence file. I made no modifications to the code related to writing things to lkb/script.

But there is a difference: before I had to manually add the asterisks to the ungrammatical sentences that I entered on the website. Now I just grab the file automatically written by the customization system. I will try to create another testsuite by hand and will see if the issue persists.

P.S.: Here’s a live example of fragmenting support :). This question is being discussed simultaneously on the developers list, since Woodley and others who might help with this question aren’t here. Not ideal ideed… But my hope is that if we resolve the question and summarize the solution here, it will then be more discoverable for the newcomers.


It looks like in Kristen’s case, the carriage return was causing the problem, so that is the solution. In my case, the problem was caused by the asterisk in the ungrammatical sentences being separated from the first word by a space. Removing the space seems to help. It also seems to be ACE-specific: I think LKB ignores the sentence-initial asterisk, whether with a space or not.