Old analysis stuck somewhere?.. Can get a tree with ACE but not in FFTB


I used to have an accepted analysis which included a particular lexical type that arises through the morphological interface. Suppose the lexical type was called N_CP*_P-C_LE.

Screenshot from 2024-02-05 17-17-09

Then I decided to change the interface and to instantiate certain generic lexical entries as N_-_MC_LE rather than N_CP. A different type of noun. I make the change, I recompile the grammar, I run it and I get a tree that want with ACE (LUI displays lemmas instead of inflected forms but the tree is fine), you can see the new lexical type in the AVM to the right:

Screenshot from 2024-02-05 17-28-37

But when I reparse the profile and attempt to treebank, I have a problem: somehow, the profile still thinks the noun is of type N_CP? Where would it be coming from? I am not even updating the treebank, this is just as if I were to treebank from the beginning.

Screenshot from 2024-02-05 17-17-09

Screenshot from 2024-02-05 17-16-52

What am I likely to be doing wrong? This looks confusing but the only explanation I have for now is that I am using new parses where the noun is of a different type (namely, one without complement) but somehow in the profile there are remnants of the old analysis?..

Such issues arise when you forget to use the new grammar when loading the treebank. So, the new grammar was compiled and used to parse but the command invoking fftb still had the old grammar file pointed to.