OMW profile and FFTB

I am getting the following error when I try to load any item from the OMW profile in

404 no stored forest found for this item

Those that mean that the profile was not prepared to FFTB? But I am assuming @Dan used FFTB to annotate this profile, right?

I am passing the ERG compiled with the terg/ace/config-dict.tdl to FFTB…

The gold profiles no longer have the full forest, but only the selected result. In a full-forest profile, the result file is empty and edge contains the packed edges, but in a regular profile the edge file is empty while the result file contains enumerated/selected results.

The gold profiles, including for that uncooperative omw one, have a non-empty result file which contains the one hand-selected best analysis for each item (via fftb) if it’s available. The edge file in each gold profile is empty (since it would be overly large to store), but can of course be recreated by reparsing the skeleton. I’ll see if I can reproduce the bad behavior you report for the omw profile.

What call are you making to the gold ‘omw’ profile to generate that “no stored forest” error? As @goodmami observes, you should not be expecting to retrieve a stored forest in gold profiles, only result derivations and MRRs (at most one per input sentence). Can you make an equivalent call to, say, the `mrs’ profile without getting that error message?