Overleaf complaining about nested brackets with avm.sty

This is a LaTeX question, but I was not able to find anything on TexExchange or generally by googling.

I am using avm.sty in a project, very much like usual, in Overleaf, with a bunch of other packages. Everything was fine until I came back to the paper recently, and I saw that it is now complaining about the avms:

It compiles and renders the PDF just fine, but the errors produce very annoying red highlighting all over the source which makes it very hard to work on the paper.

The AVMs did not change. I haven’t added new packages. Something probably has changed in one of the packages that Overleaf is pulling from somewhere. Before I start eliminating them one by one, has anyone seen this error before and knows where it comes from?

Here’s a copy of the project to look at.

I would guess that Overleaf isn’t expecting a package to override the use of [ and ] – after all, avm.sty isn’t a standard package. The fact that it compiles and renders just fine suggests that there’s no problem with LaTeX, but rather a problem with Overleaf. So you could try complaining to Overleaf.

But it used to be just fine… I want to stick with overleaf and so hoping to fix it there.

Overleaf and sharelatex have merged recently. Most of the front end of overleaf was replaced with sharelatex code. So probably you were using the old overleaf last time you edited this file.

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Seems like you are exactly right, Alexandre.

I posted on TexExchange, and an Overleaf representative says this looks like a false positive from the code check. So, the practical solution is just to turn off the code check.