Pop and append, with append lists

I’m trying out append lists and I have a question that I hope @guyemerson or @olzama can maybe help with. I have a phrase structure rule where the value of a feature on the mother should be the append of the values of that feature on one daughter and the FEAT.LIST.REST on the other daughter. I’ve done it as follows, and it seems to work, but I’m wondering if having the second argument of the append be so lightly linked to what is below might lead to problems.

[ MOTHER.FEAT.APPEND < #d1, [ LIST #d2 ] >,
  ARGS < [ FEAT #d1], [ FEAT.LIST.REST #d2 ] > ].

That is, the usual arguments to APPEND are append lists that themselves are the value of e.g. FEAT on one of the daughters. Am I likely to run into problems by effectively constructing a new append-list list as the second argument in this way ([ LIST #d2 ])?


I think that is fine: Correctly constructing SLASH-list in extracted adjunct phrase

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Thanks, Olga (and past-Guy)!