POSS feature on HEAD -- help with value names

I’ve added a feature to HEAD in order to make my library work. It’s called POSS, and it is used to mark whether a word is inflected to appear in possessive phrases. I need it to be able to not only have a plus and minus value, but to be able to distinguish nouns inflected as possessors from nouns inflected as possessums. To that end, I’ve come up with the following, which strikes me as pretty confusing, as far as value names go:

head :+ [POSS poss]

poss := *top*.

possessive := poss.
nonpossessive := poss.

possessor := possessive.
possessum := possessive.

So basically, the feature POSS has the values possessive and nonpossessive, and the value possessive further splits into possessor and possessum. Does anyone have suggestions of better names for these feature values, so that it’s not so confusing? Is it possible/advisable to use plus and ‘minus’ instead of ‘possessive’ and ‘nonpossessive’?

I don’t think that’s so bad. You definitely don’t want to use + and -, which are part of bool (under luk).

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