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Is there a way for us to post tdl in these comments that preserves the indentation? (I tried poking around a bit and don’t see an easy way to do it, but maybe I’m just not mastering the UI.)


I think typing three backticks on the previous line helps:

(three backticks are actually hidden right below here: ```)

non-mod-lex-item := lex-item &
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Yep. Technically you “fence” off the code block with backticks:

    code block here

It supports tagging the code fence with a language to do syntax highlighting; it should also be possible to extend the mechanism to support TDL. That syntax would look like this:

    tdl-block := tdl & code-or-code-block.

But I’m not looking at that until February. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Olga and Chris! Everyone posting tdl, please use this :slight_smile: