Pronouns in the GM Questionnaire

I would like to add a check box for question pronouns (who/what) here.

Am I right in thinking that the pronouns for which the current check box is are specifically personal pronouns? If so, I will add that detail, and then will add a separate check box for question pronouns right below. (First, I was thinking of combining the two checkboxes in one sentences, something like This is a _ question _ pronoun but I think it probably is more meaningful to have personal vs. question vs. what-other-kinds-are-there (relative? resumptive?..)


Yes, the existing infrastructure is for personal pronouns. I don’t see why it would make sense to mention relative pronouns or resumptive pronouns in the absence of library support for them.

Oh, right, I did not mean to. I meant to add the clarification that these are personal pronouns, however.