PyDelphin v1.9.0 released

I have released PyDelphin v1.9.0. Install or upgrade with pip:

pip install --upgrade pydelphin

Most of the changes are just overdue maintenance (updated packaging, code quality improvements), but for users the main thing is that Python 3.7 support is removed and Python 3.12 support is added. If you need Python 3.7 support, please continue to use PyDelphin 1.8.1.

In addition, there are some minor bug fixes:

  • The legacy single-quoted predicate forms (like 'null_coord_rel) are now being parsed correctly in SimpleMRS (only for compatibility with outputs from old grammars; please don’t use these).
  • Predicates containing “reserved” characters in SimpleMRS are now encoded with quoted strings (e.g., ... RELS: < [ "foo<bar>_n"<0:7> LBL: h1 ...) Thanks @arademaker for pointing this out.

As part of the code-quality improvements, a large number of files were changed, and this brings the possibility of bugs being introduced. So please file issues on GitHub if you have any trouble.


Thank you!

The switch to updated packaging introduced a bug in v1.9.0 such that the delphin command is not available at the command line after installing. I have therefore released v1.9.1 which fixes this issue. Thanks to @arademaker for testing the release and reporting the bug!