Question representation (examples from the ERG?)

I am after some concrete MRS examples which would illustrate this discussion:

The sentences with which the discussion started won’t do because the ERG does not give me the right analysis for the second sentence; in none of the parses is the object of see extracted.

(1) Do you know who Kim saw?
(2) ? Who do you know whether Kim saw?

Does anyone remember a specific sentence which would actually illustrate the issue with the SF feature not being able to do everything messages were doing?

How about:

Who left and did you know?

It also drops the object of know, I think:

Does that illustrate the problem?..

Perhaps this:

(3) Who does Kim believe knows who arrived?

mrs (4)

The wh-word indexed x5 is linked via argument structure to e16 which is a proposition, and as for questions, there is two of them, e24 and e2, and nothing about x5 helps us pick either one?

The dropped object of know is irrelevant here. The problem is that there are two [ SF ques ] events and nothing links which_q to either of them. Perhaps even clearer would be:

Who did Kim say left and did you know?

Yes, Who does Kim believe knows who arrived also illustrates the problem since you can’t tell which which_q goes with which [ SF ques ]. I think my latest example (Who did Kim say left and did you know?, where the intended reading is two coordinated S at the top) is maybe clearest because the wh word is not an argument of either [ SF ques ] verb.

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I think these examples also illustrate different levels of difficulty in trying to recover the structure. Intuitively, given a which_q rel, we need to find the clauses it could be extracted to. So, we could find the clause it’s part of (which could be several steps away, for cases like in whose house), and then “climb” up to higher clauses by back-tracking along handle-valued arguments. For Who did Kim say left and did you know?, we only reach only one clause with [ SF ques ], because we wouldn’t reach the other conjunct this way. For Who does Kim believe knows who arrived?, we could reach both clauses with [ SF ques ]. So here we would have to add the constraint that we stop at the first such clause (which would be ERG-specific).

To extend @olzama’s example so that it satisfies @ebender’s constraint:

Who does Kim believe knows who seems to have arrived?

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Actually, the other which_q isn’t necessary to illustrate the problem, so we could simplify this to:

Does Kim know who seems to have arrived?

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