Reference for ALT-KEY or MOD-KEY or something of this kind


I am writing something about Cartographic approaches. I think they just take the category to be the category of the adjunct daughter (or more generally the non-head daughter) to be able to select it. I argue that it would be better to leave semantics or information structure at places at which it belongs and use pointers to this information. I guess MRS has something like this: ALTKEY or MODKEY. Is there a paper that I can cite? I need something that points to the semantic contribution of the adjunct daughter or generally the non-head daughter.



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Hi Stefan,

I’ve never heard of “Cartographic approaches” (approaches to what?). I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for, but there is some discussion of various KEYS in this old unfinished ms:

ALTKEY, at least currently, is not related to modifiers in anyway — it’s when there are more than one key relations on a lexical entry’s own RELS list that need pointers. But some of the other ideas in there might be relevant.

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Thanks Emily!

Lucky you, if you never heard about Cartographic approaches. This is Cinque and Rizzi with Topic Phrase, Focus Phrase, Agr S, Agr O, Subject Phrase, Speaker and Hearer Phrase, 32 functional projections of tense, mood, and aspect. It is not fun …

Thanks for the pointer. This was what I was looking for. I would need something like a non-head-key for the Cinque-Rizzi-style stuff.