Regression tests hanging at Sahaptin-short

Has anyone had this issue? When running all of the regression tests, the grammar creation stalls at Sahaptin-short. I tried running the customize script on the Sahaptin-short choices file from the command line, and it worked fine. No errors appear in either case – it just stalls during the regression tests. Any idea what could be going on?

The sahaptin-short.tdl file actually seems to be getting created correctly – the time-stamp is updating every time I run it – but it’s not registering as done and moving to the next test.

Turns out there was something left over from a previous edit in matrix.tdl, and getting rid of that fixed it. Not sure why exactly this caused a problem in the regression testing setup and not the customization script.

Stalling on Sahaptin-short during regression test grammar creation is a common symptom of a variety of things. I’ll document a few that I’ve run into:
wrong/missing file
wrong ace binary