Reinstalling ACE for PyDelphin

I have moved my project from one machine to another, and as a result I had some installation issues.

I’m getting an error that says
Failed to get ACE version number.

I’m using the same compiled grammar as before, but there could be some installation step I’ve since forgotten about. The PyDelphin wiki seems to suggest you can just import the ace package and as long as you have a compiled grammar it should run, but it isn’t. Did I miss a step?

The compiled grammar is not an executable, but a binary image of the grammar. It still needs ACE to run. Have you installed ACE on the new machine and put it on your PATH?

can i get enja.dat transfer file for pydelphin ace

Ah, I think it’s not on my PATH. Is there some way to point PyDelphin to where it is? I suppose I can put it on my PATH but I also think it would be cool to have an option where I can direct PyDelphin to the right directory in case I (or someone else using my code) doesn’t want to add it to their PATH.

EDIT: My bad! This functionality already exists :slightly_smiling_face: Just needed to send in the executable argument for ACEGenerator

Glad you were able to find the executable parameter.

BTW, this may not be relevant to you, but I noticed that one cannot set the executable when using the delphin process command, so I created an issue to track this: Add --executable option to process command · Issue #352 · delph-in/pydelphin · GitHub