Reorganizing MOM Repositories

I am looking to reorganize the current structure of the MOM repository.

The current structure of the MOM repo is as follows:

+-- mom
 |   +-- mom
 |   +-- XigtifiedToolbox

The fact that both the repo itself and the python package for MOM itself are both titled “mom” has caused me import problems, so when working with the project on my computer I renamed the top directory.

Beyond that, I think it might be better to treat MOM and XigtifiedToolbox as separate projects and make separate repositories for them.

My proposed solution for reorganizing things is

  1. Rename the current “mom” repo to something like “mom-archived” (both to keep it around as the reorganization is done and also so I can point to it from my thesis repro script, as the current structure is the one I used in my experiments)

  2. Make two new repositories, one for MOM and one for XigtifiedToolbox, and have all future AGGREGATION work pull from these separately in order to promote more clarity of structure. (I also plan to make a startup repository that will pull AGGREGATION software like MOM, basil, and the matrix and put them all in the appropriate structure for the user so anybody wanting to work with the agg pipeline can do so quickly. This repo will pull separately from these new repos as well).

Does anybody have any input or issues with this? Thanks!

I think that XigtifiedToolbox should really be a separate tool! I simply never had time to separate it properly…

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I think your plan sounds good, Elizabeth! The start-up repo is a really good idea.

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