Treebanking with [incr tsdb()] stuck on analyzing forest

I have a testsuite with 19 items total in it, the most ambiguous parse gets 82 readings (the next most ambiguous gets 20, the next one 10, and the rest are fewer).

I am trying to start the trreebanking tool in [incr tsdb()] but all I see is this (it’s been awhile):

I have consulted the wiki and have set the maximum number of results and analyses to 500.

Anything else I could do to make it work?

This is a complete guess – I know very little about the treebanking tool – but does it need a grammar to be loaded? Have you loaded your current grammar?

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Yes, I did. First loaded the grammar, then selected the test suite, ran the grammar on it (to be sure it is loaded), then clicked on Trees–>Annotate…

Not that this is a substitute, but if you try parsing a single sentence with the same grammar in the LKB, does the Parse | Compare function work?

I think so? When I do Parse|Compare, I see the following:

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.15.02 AM