Typological terminology: the CTP

In my review of the literature on complementation (both typological and, I think, minimalist), the term that is used most often for verbs that tend to take clausal complements seems to be “the CTP (complement-taking predicate)”.

This term seems weird because every transitive verb is a complement-taking predicate. Would it be better to say "SCTP (sentential complement-taking predicate)? Still reminiscent of what seems to be the widely accepted term but making slightly more sense? Or something else?

I am trying to decide what to call the type in my library in the Grammar Matrix.

I strongly dislike CTP and find it non-transparent, for the reason you state and also because I prefer to reserve the term “predicate” for the semantic notion.

How about clausal-complement verb?

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Yes, sounds clear and simple! Well, except long, maybe…

clausal-comp-verb-verb-lex? Maybe not so bad… The extra “verb” comes from the current logic in lexical_items.py, which could be changed but I didn’t want to mess with it too much. Although, if we are definitely in the section of code where we are dealing with verbs, it should be easy to get rid of the second “verb” there…

If you can get just clausal-comp-verb-lex to come out, that’s better. (Do we say trans-verb-verb-lex?)

I think it’s a good idea to see what Huddleston and pullum call them as
they generally have well thought out names. I would check but am on the

As in “The Cambridge grammar of English?”…

That’s the one.

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