Understanding the docstring and the names of the ERG rules

hd-aj_int-unsl_c (rule)

Hd+foll.int.adjct, no gap

B [left quietly].

any idea what does it mean? This is one of many cases…

The rule name hd-aj_int-unsl_c uses a partly structured naming convention, where the first element before the underscore identifies the daughter or daughters in left-to-right order, separated by a dash. The abbreviations “hd” and “aj” (and similarly for the other rules) for the two daughters are briefly documented here:
The part of the rule name between the first and second underscore is a short string to help distinguish this rule from similar ones, and the docstring accompanying the rule should of course be more verbose to help in interpretation. Here the docstring just reminds one that this local construction consists of a head and a following intersective (non-scopal) adjunct, where the phrase does not contain a gap (contrasted with a separate head-adjunct rule for phrases that do contain a gap, which have slightly different behavior).
Now that the docstrings make the information so readily visible to users, the grammarian should be motivated to make those docstrings more contentful.

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