Using generic lexical entries with the SRG+ACE

I need to be able to handle unknown words in the SRG.

There is already a file called generics.tdl (click on the link to see the contents).

I included it in the ACE compilation process (by uncommenting the following lines in srg.tdl):

reading generic-lex-entry   from `ace/../generics.tdl'

The grammar compiles and is able to parse sentences which do not contain unknown words, however on an unknown word, I now encounter the following error:

ace: type.c:625: type_to_string: Assertion `ty->name[0]=='"'' failed.

Any ideas about how to proceed with this?

tagging @sweaglesw just in case :slight_smile:

For some reason Woodley’s reply didn’t come through here, but he suggested solving this immediate problem by using placeholder stems for generics, instead ot top (and he said the ERG does that, too):

was able to solve the immediate problem by putting placeholder STEM values on the generics instead of *top*, for instance:

n_-_mc_ge := n_-_mc_le &
[ STEM < "_n_-_mc_ge_" >,
  SYNSEM.LKEYS.KEYREL.PRED "_generic_n_rel" ].

This way, the grammar can parse sentences without the unknown words, with generics enabled. In its current form, it still doesn’t work with unknown words but that’s a different issue.