Using LKB for ERG 1214

I was trying to use the LKB to take a look at some ERG parses, and got the following message:

Error: This version of the ERG requires an LKB version >= 2016/05/16

I figured my LKB installation was out of date and went here ( to get the latest build. I ran the install, and am still getting the error. Assuming the ERG still works with the LKB, what am I missing? I just need to check how the ERG handles some relativation stuff.

The LKB code suggests that the generated date string varies by locale (if it was compiled at Stanford or UiO), so it might be a DD-MM-YYYY vs MM-DD-YYYY problem, but that seems unlikely because (a) the date strings I’ve seen are YYYY-MM-DD, and (b) either way the year 2017 > 2016. Perhaps you have multiple LKB versions installed?

But if you just need to inspect an analysis using the ERG 1214, you can use the online demos: