Way to gracefully recover from memory error in LKB

Is there a graceful way of recovering from this situation, without hard-closing all windows and restarting?

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 12.02.29 PM

Probably not, as usually even restarting the LKB then results in the following:

Restarting the machine usually helps (thankfully).

@olzama I’ve had this error too. Are you running LOGON in a VirtualBox VM? I start the VM through “Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager”; in that application under Settings -> System -> Motherboard you can increase the value for Base Memory. I’ve set it to 8GB on my 16GB iMac, which works quite well.

If you’re on an actual Linux machine, check the output of the unix command ulimit -a. There might be a restriction on “max memory size”.

Hi John,

Yes, I am running a VM, though not via VirtualBox (I use VMWare).

I actually set the memory limit for the VM to 16GB! But sounds like it is still not enough, perhaps, for my purposes?

This error usually (though not always) happens when the LKB is trying to process one particularly difficult sentence. I think I will simply remove it from the test suite for now.

Has *chart-packing-p* got the value t? If not, any long sentence will be a problem.

Hmm, that’s not in the same place where the options I know are (under LKB Top -> Options). I am assuming that’s in some file. Where do I look for it in the logon distribution?

The variable is often set in a grammar’s globals.lsp file, e.g.

(defparameter *chart-packing-p* t)

You could put this in your globals.lsp file, but without the #+:null (which stops it being read).

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I do not have this line in my globals.lsp at all. This is a Matrix grammar; @ebender, do you think it should be added?