Wh-questions in Ling567

I am reviewing the Ling567 lab instructions in order to see if I can borrow something for the Grammar Matrix implementation of constituent questions.

The first question that I have is: what is the purpose of this? The instructions don’t explain.

basic-head-filler-phrase :+ [ ARGS & < [ SYNSEM.LOCAL.COORD - ], [ SYNSEM.LOCAL.COORD - ] > ].

The only other place the COORD feature appears is in the instructions for Y/N questions:

Constrain the root symbol to require an empty YNQ value:
root := phrase &
                   CAT [ VAL [ SUBJ < >,
                               COMPS < > ],
                         MC +,
                         HEAD +vc &
                              [ FORM finite ] ] ],
                    NON-LOCAL.YNQ 0-dlist ] ].

– But I don’t think it is referred to directly anywhere.

From the comments in matrix.tdl I can see that [ COORD - ] means the phrase is not participating in coordination. But what will be the specific consequences of changing the filler phrase definition like that? I suspect that for the GM, I don’t want this, but I don’t really understand yet.

That looks to me like a little clean up I was doing in the instructions. I think that constraint should be incorporated into the definition of basic-head-filler-phrase itself in matrix.tdl. It’s meant to keep things like “and Sandy” out of the daughters of the head-filler-rule.