What are the best options for parsing sentences using the ERG on Windows?

I’ve been using ACE on Mac and Ubuntu, but I need to be able to run my ERG app on Windows eventually and am trying to get ahead of that.

Any chance there is an ACE build that works on Windows? Or perhaps another alternative that can accept phrases and output MRS?

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There used to be a Windows-based parser called AGREE but I don’t know what the status of that is… I believe it has not been actively developed for some years. But it should probably be possible to obtain the latest version and develop it from there?

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People have tried a couple of times to compile ACE under Windows (most recently using WSL and I believe before that under Cygwin). As far as I know this has always ended in failure. There is no really deep reason that ACE couldn’t run on Windows, but two issues that would take some resolving are (1) ACE requires the ability to map the file containing the grammar image into memory at a predictable address. On Linux it uses MAP_FIXED for this. My recollection is previous attempts discovered that this doesn’t work with WSL and Cygwin. Also, (2) ACE makes substantial use of nested functions, a GCC extension. Even if you can use GCC to compile it under Windows, the implementation of this particular extension doesn’t play well with security measures in some OSes, probably including Windows. I would be interested to hear if you (or someone else) have a go at it.

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Nice! I have some history with the .Net framework, that could be interesting. I’ll definitely take a look.

Will do!