What editors are out there for TDL (besides emacs)?

Somehow I was not aware of the fact that Sublime Text has a package with some TDL support. (I think I have heard it mentioned during one of the summits but at that time couldn’t quite appreciate the relevance and importance of this for me).

In case there are other people like me out there wondering, I decided to post about it here.

You can get the editor here, then see instructions for the delphin package.

That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of the Delphin Assistant package for SublimeText. Although their “[incr tsdb()] syntax” is really the make_item syntax. It looks like a UW student made the package (the GitHub account associated with the Delphin Assistant package has a Matrix grammar with the user’s email in the choices file, but they seem to avoid using their real name so I won’t repeat it here). I don’t use it anymore but SublimeText is a great editor; I recommend it to people who need a good editor and aren’t already converted to Emacs or vim.

As for other editors, Joshua and I (separately) wrote TDL syntax plugins for vim at one point.

Also I imagine Glenn wrote a TDL editor into his agree GUI?

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