What is 'art' and how do I use it?

In the repro script for BASIL, when parsing with ACE, there is also a line that calls something called “ART”

I copied the ``art``` directory from the BASIL repo into my working directory, but when I run it I get this error:

-bash-4.2$ ./art/art './ace/ace -g data/ecc-thesis/outputs/grammars/abz/abz1/ace/abz1.dat' data/ecc-thesis/outputs/profiles/abz/abz1/

getaddrinfo: Success

unable to connect to arbiter daemon on ./ace/ace -g data/ecc-thesis/outputs/grammars/abz/abz1/ace/abz1.dat:9976

I tried running the command just with ace without ART, but I didn’t get any output (my parse file is still empty). I’m not sure if that’s because using ART is a necessity or if I have another problem.

Art is in the eye of the beholder :wink:

More seriously, some info here: http://sweaglesw.org/linguistics/libtsdb/