Where can the 'matrix' code be cloned?

In the basil-2020 repo, there is a folder called matrix which gets run near the end of the run_aggregation.sh script to make the grammars using the choices file output from aggregation.

Is there a repository for this that I should be using? I could copy the folder/code into the aggregation repo, but I figure it wasn’t meant to actually go inside of it.

Similarly, is there a repo for ace I should be cloning to use (which is used at the end to parse the profiles)?

ACE lives here.

The Grammar Matrix has recently moved here however there have been lots and lots of changes to it (it migrated to python3, for starters), and I don’t know what the dependencies are in the current version of AGG and whether you actually want to use the newest version of the Matrix customization system or not (@ebender would know, probably?)

The old (python2) version of the Matrix lives here: svn://lemur.ling.washington.edu/shared/matrix matrix

More info about the Matrix: http://moin.delph-in.net/MatrixDevTop

@ecconrad – unless you’re making any changes to the Matrix (and I doubt it), it probably makes sense to stick with the version from the basil-2020 repo. The alternative would be to grab the latest from the github repository Olga pointed you to and then test to make sure it’s the same, especially for the treebanked languages. Since you don’t want to redo those treebanks, if there were any diffs, you’d want to stick with the old version though, so…

As a side note, the full history of the Matrix is in the GitHub repository, so you can clone that and run:

git checkout final-svn

To get the latest state of the SVN repository. But if you only need the get the Matrix code and not commit to it, it’s the same as checking out from SVN.

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