Why is intonation-marking for yes/no questions not supported by the GM?

Are there some technical difficulties (at a first glance, this seems easy to do, just have a non-branching rule activated by the choice, adding [SF ques])? Or is it because this choice would mean there will always be ambiguity (but that’s correct though, isn’t it?). Does anyone remember why the decision was made? (Again, I did search the wiki :slight_smile: ).

Hi Olga! It’s not about technical difficulties but rather about intonation not typically being represented in the orthography (and not having a library for punctuation yet). So intonation questions are “modeled” in the sense that in fact anything not marked specifically as a question is [ SF prop-or-ques ], i.e. underspecified.

In that sense, I guess this bit of MatrixDocTop is actually not quite correct:

Please note that forming matrix yes/no questions strategy using intonation is not covered yet.

– yes, that’s what made me ask the question! Thanks. Should we edit that?

Yes, we should :slight_smile: Do you want to go ahead and do it?

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