Xigt validation

When trying to use INTENT to enrich some Xigt data, there were some Xigt items that somehow were broken/invalid. Because of this, I want to write a Xigt validation script that will find invalid Xigt items and get rid of them (perhaps a more permanent solution would involve finding out why these items are being converted incorrectly in the first place, but for now validation should suffice).

Does something like this already exist? If not, where would it belong in the Xigt package and is there any documentation on what makes a Xigt item valid or not? (If not, I can just look over existing data).

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Hmm. I remember having to deal with this at some point but it was some years ago. I will dig in my email see what I can find…

I briefly looked over (and forwarded to you for closer inspection) some threads about running INTENT on xigt-ified data that I found. If you find some good answers there, perhaps you could briefly summarize them here? I only briefly looked, and it seems like there should be a --ignore-import-errors flag for INTENT (that would be INTENT2). Maybe that’s relelvant?