"yell 'I am free!'": invalid MRS? or alternative way to scope variables?

I was happy to see that there are parse variants for quoted text that don’t attempt to interpret the text semantically and just pass it through with a series of linked fw_seq and quoted predicates.

The parse of "yell 'I am free!'" that I want to use has this MRS (which I marked up using handle = [] to show one tree that I think was intended to be valid):

[ LTOP: h0 INDEX: e2 [ e SF: comm TENSE: pres MOOD: indicative PROG: - PERF: - ] 
RELS: < 
    h0 = [ pronoun_q<0:17> LBL: h4 ARG0: x3 [ x PERS: 2 PT: zero ] RSTR: h5 BODY: h6 ]  
        h5 = [ pron<0:17> LBL: h7 ARG0: x3 ]  
        h6 = [ proper_q<5:17> LBL: h9 ARG0: x8 RSTR: h10 BODY: h11 ]  
            h10 = [ fw_seq<5:10> LBL: h12 ARG0: x13 ARG1: i15 ARG2: i16 ]
                  [ fw_seq<5:17> LBL: h12 ARG0: x8 ARG1: x13 ARG2: i14 ]  
                  [ quoted<5:7> LBL: h12 CARG: "I" ARG0: i15 ]  
                  [ quoted<8:10> LBL: h12 CARG: "am" ARG0: i16 ]  
                  [ quoted<11:17> LBL: h12 CARG: "free" ARG0: i14 ] > 
            h11 = [ _yell_v_1<0:4> LBL: h1 ARG0: e2 ARG1: x3 ARG2: x8 [ x PERS: 3 NUM: sg ] ]
HCONS: < h0 qeq h1 h5 qeq h7 h10 qeq h12 > ICONS: < > ]

The problem is that there is no quantifier that binds x13. It is introduced by “plain old” predicate fw_seq<5:10> and then consumed by another predicate, fw_seq<5:17>, in the conjunction of predicates created by h12.

Are variables introduced by a predicate in a conjunction “bound/in scope” for others in that conjunction (in which case I should add a case to my resolver)? Or is this just an ERG bug?