AGG Repro Script

I have been running the existing repro script in the basil-2020 repository, but since I will be working on MOM and not BASIL, I think it would be best to move away from the basil-2020 repository, and checkout the actual MOM repo.

Does anyone know if the current aggregation repository is up to date with what is currently in basil-2020? Also, is what’s currently in the MOM repository up to date with what is currently in basil-2020 (as basil-2020 has its own instance of MOM)?

If these are all up to date I will checkout aggregation and make a similar repro script and then make all of my MOM changes on the MOM repository rather than within basil-2020 to maintain the separation of the projects.

In principle, the best thing would be to merge the version of MOM that’s in BASIL with the mom project that lives separately in GitLab. Have you merged before? It can be a bit of a pain at first but is worth learning how to do in the end. If you haven’t done it, I can probably help you get started.


The mom version in basil-2020 and the MOM repo are probably not in sync. What is in the basil-2020 is a snapshot of MOM from when I started my dissertation evaluation. The intended purpose of that repo is to reproduce the results of that experiment, so it should not be changed. You’re right that you’ll want to make changes directly to MOM. I would just just use the basil-2020 script as guide pipeline for end-to-end evaluation. For actually interacting with the AGGREGATION and MOM code, I would check them out separately and run aggregation/src/

Thanks, I managed to merge my version of MOM with what’s on Gitlab. I’m trying to run AGGREGATION right now, but there’s some issues with import statements.

Do you just run it like python3 aggregation/src/

It’s unhappy about the fact that in the python files in the inference_scripts folder they reference “src.aggutils.” It says “No module named src”

Should I be running it as python3 -m or something instead?

That should work. You need to include a config.
python3 ./aggregation/src/ config

You might also need to add aggregation to your python path or call /src/ from inside aggregation.