Does DEPS in Bouma et al. 2001 correspond to the feature ARGS in the DELPH-IN formalism? I mean generally; I realize that the DELPH-IN formalism does not implement the Argument Realization Principle, for example (and I am assuming that Argument Structure Extension is not a thing either?)

(Answering myself): Nope, that’s completely different; ARGS is a feature of a phrase while DEPS is a feature of a word.

I am assuming then that there is no analog of DEPS in the DELPH-IN universe?

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ARGS indeed is a feature of phrases, the list containing the daughters.

The only thing feature in the Matrix that is in the same space as DEPS is ARG-ST, but as you note, it only includes arguments and no modifiers.

Yeah, the main point of Bouma et al. is that they use DEPS as a separate feature from ARG-ST. I am trying to understand which bits of their analysis are relevant to me.

Yeah that part doesn’t get adopted, because lists of possibly unbounded length (other than the write-only ones) are awkward.