[incr tsdb()] podium doesn't list profiles (LKB FOS)

I freshly installed LKB-FOS on a new linux machine and am trying to look at the tsdb profiles included with the latest release of the ERG.

I seem to be able to successfully start the LKB and the [incr tsdb()] podium, however setting the database and the skeleton roots to delphin/erg/2020/tsdb/gold' and delphin/erg/2020/tsdb/skeletons’ respectively does not result in the treebanks appearing as a list on the podium; it remains empty.


I do not have this problem on my old machine where I have LKB classic (though there I am unable to load the latest version of the ERG :slight_smile: ).

LKB Classic

Anyone has an idea about what I am doing wrong perhaps?

In the LKB-FOS screenshot, it looks as though you’ve got the message

error while loading shared libraries: libtermcap.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The [incr tsdb()] podium won’t work properly if this file cannot be found. Perhaps you haven’t set DELPHINHOME and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

Does it depend on the LOGON installation or not?

@olzama I think I’ve reproduced the behaviour you describe. In LKB-FOS, if I unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH then the [incr tsdb()] podium still loads. When I reset the database root to a tsdb/gold directory, all of the sub-directories are correctly scanned for profiles (I verified this by comparing traces of the relevant function calls in LKB-FOS and ‘classic’ LKB); however, the profiles that are found do not appear in the podium window.

Thanks for noticing the error message, John!

I did modify my .bash_profile as per the instructions.

So, are you saying, there is indeed a bug of some sort? Or can I simply do something differently to get it working?

There is some sort of bug if you don’t get an error message but the podium window doesn’t display those profiles. On Linux I use the following two commands to start LKB-FOS:

export DELPHINHOME=/home/ubuntu/Documents/delphin
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DELPHINHOME/lkb_fos/lib/linux.x86.64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH $DELPHINHOME/lkb_fos/lkb.linux_x86_64

Could you enter these at the shell command prompt (setting DELPHINHOME appropriately for your machine)? Any improvement?

I think the problem was I had the command in .bashrc and not in .bash_profile. In a different part of instructions, I think is said .bash_profile is for Mac OSX and so I assumed for linux, I should put everything in .bashrc. But putting the library command in .bash_profile fixed the issue with the test suites not being listed in the podium. Thanks, John!