Logon_do command not found

logon_do --bitext /path/to/bitext.txt /path/to/profile_top
while running it is giving me error logon_do not found

Can you provide more details about your environment? How did you install the tools? What is your OS?

my os is linux
in logon_do
when I make profile
after that when I try to parse it shows

soumya@soumya-VirtualBox:~/path/to/profile_top$ logon_do --grammar jaen --task smrs
usage: logon_do [-a|–ascii <a.txt>] [-b|–bitext <b.txt>] [-c|–count] [-d|–debug] [-e|–edges ] [-t|–tedges ] [-l|–limit ] [-s|–settings <s.lisp>] -g|–grammar <jaen|enen> -t|–task <smrs|tmrs|pmrs|gmrs|vmrs|omrs|imrs> []

why it shows usage ? and what I can do ?

DelphinTools · delph-in/docs Wiki · GitHub

this is the link i had downloaded from here and I m stuck in using logon_do

What are you trying to do? I believe that most (if not all) you would do with logon_do can be done with pydelphin library nowadays.

Do you know about pydelphin?

@ebender and @bond may know more about this logon_do tool.

The logon_do scripts were created by Eric Nichols many years ago to help with batch processing of profiles, mainly for machine translation tasks. For your immediate problem, I think you have not done the shell environment setup step, or if you have, you have not started a new shell session or run (source ~/.bashrc) to initialize those settings.

The scripts are archived on GitHub but I don’t think they are necessarily the easiest tools to use these days. As @arademaker said, you can try PyDelphin:

  • delphin mkprof (for creating test suites for processing)
  • delphin process (for parsing, transferring, and generating)

ACE with art (and mkprof, included with art) is also very capable for performing these actions.

Thanks @goodmami and @arademaker for pointing out the use of Pydelphin instead of ‘logon_do’.

Can you please guide what is the equivalent process for achieving following command in ‘logon_do’ in pydelphin.

Calling `logon_do` in the following manner will create the profile `/path/to/profile_top/smrs` and parse the source sentences in `bitext/`original with the Japanese grammar Jacy.

    $ logon_do --grammar jaen --task smrs /path/to/profile_top

If `/path/to/profile` is omitted, `logon_do` will default to the current directory. So the following command is equivalent:

    $ cd /path/to/profile_top && logon_do --grammar jaen --task smrs

Once parsing is complete, the profile `smrs` will contain the parse results:

    $ ls /path/to/profile/smrs
    analysis  decision  fold  item-phenomenon  output     parse       preference  result  run    set   update
    daughter  edge      item  item-set         parameter  phenomenon  relations   rule    score  tree


I’m not sure if there’s direct parallels for each logon_do command, but here’s an example (assumes you are translating from Japanese to English and your bitext is split into separate source.txt and target.txt files):

$ # create the source-side test suite to be parsed
$ delphin mkprof --input source.txt --relations path/to/relations source
$ # parse source profile with Jacy
$ delphin process -g jacy.dat source/
$ # transfer with Jaen
$ delphin process -g jaen.dat --transfer -p 0 --source source/ transfer
$ # generate with ERG
$ delphin process -g erg.dat --generate -p 0 --source transfer/ target