Top level ERG page is down:

I think the top level ERG page has been down for some time (weeks? Months?):

Linked from:

Just thought someone might want to know…

I keep trying to point people at “the home page” of the ERG and it remains down. Is there a better top level HUB for the ERG that I (and all the links above) should be using instead?

If you want an interface to parse sentences and how the structures:

This tend to be more stable…,

Thanks! Really the issue is that I often need to provide a link to somewhere that represents the ERG at a high level, and that page seems right, but it is down. For example:

I’m writing up a job description and part of that includes “…working with the English Resource Grammar (link goes here)…”

I’m writing up how I wrote my game, and I want a link to the “home page” of the ERG…

I’m posting in a random forum somewhere and I want a link…


Notice that all the links in my original post are from ERG contributors themselves, who had the same needs, and linked to that page for the same reason I did. Those links are all broken now…

Really, I think the ERG technology is really cool and want to share it, but it sends an odd message if the main home page for a technology is down…for months…so I’m hoping this is just an oversight or something.

I really love what has been built here!

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Thanks for the strong nudge to get that link made visible again. I hope to have it live (and updated) again next week, if my Stanford technical support comes through as expected.

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Awesome, thanks @Dan (go Stanford tech support)!

A possibly viable alternative may also be the ERG GitHub page, which hosts the issues list and has a read me: GitHub - delph-in/erg: English Resource Grammar