Which parts of regression tests go into version control?

I’d been having issues with SVN because of some mistakes I made with it early on, and in the process of fixing those mistakes, I tried to clear out all the files listed by svn status by resolving conflicts, restoring old files, etc. While some of those files did in fact indicate problems, I am realizing now that some of them were just files in the regression testing structure that probably should stay local and not go into version control.

Those files include:

And while some of the files in gmcs/regression_tests/home/gold/name_of test are added,
I think these shouldn’t be:

I’m going to unversion the things in the lists above I paintstakingly (boneheadedly) versioned, but I just wanted to check and make absolutely sure I have this right before I do it. Can anyone confirm?

I am not really sure which ones shouldn’t be version-controlled; you may be correct but I don’t know; what I do know is that you seem to be missing:


–which should be under version control.

I was super unclear in the way I wrote the original message – all the files listed above are ones that don’t go in version control. So, I do have the files in gmcs/regression_tests/skeletons in version control. Thanks for pointing it out! I’ll try not to do my writing late at night in future :slight_smile:

Ah no, I think I did not read carefully! Yeah, I think the ones you list are not (versioned)… but I am not 100% sure.

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The ra and rr commands should add remove the right things from version control, so you can just check what they add and remove to see. The only thing the rr command doesn’t do is delete unversioned files, so you have to do that by hand if you want to remove and add the same test.


But you do want the profiles stored, in particular those under gold – this is what the regression testing system uses as the gold standard when the tests are next run!

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