AceLui / MacLui

Using Ace with -l option, is it possible to inspect the MRSs? In my current installation, Ace shows the syntactic trees but clicking in one tree only opens another window with that tree. Maybe I am forgetting something or something changed?

Control-click to get a menu of display choices (same as yzlui on Linux).

Crazy! not working for me.

I should have said control-left-click (if you’re using the macOS default of primary click being left). I expect that’s what you’re doing. It has always worked reliably for me.

Hi John, how can I make sure that lkb_fos is using the MacLui? In LKB I can see all semantic representations. But in Ace using -l I can’t open any other window besides the syntactic trees.


I can open the edge window by left-click in a node of the tree. But I didn’t get a menu or any new window besides the ones I am showing above. Neither clicking in the left upper window nor the left bottom window.

To have LKB-FOS use LUI, it should be enough to follow the instructions at under ‘Features and Enhancements’. Please let me know if that doesn’t work.

In MacLui, do you not get a menu pop up when you left click with the control key held down?. If not, then this is a question for @sweaglesw

Hi Alexandre,

If the same LUI app is running for lkb_fos and ace, you should be able to get the same popup menu to appear. I can’t think of any reason it would behave differently depending on who launched it. If you are seeing different behaviors, it may indicate there are in fact different programs presenting the interface you are seeing. When MacLUI launches, you should see it as a generic app icon in the dock which should show as “maclui” when you mouse over it. If you don’t see that, is it possible the tree window you are starting with is LKB native?

But my experience is that using “ace -l” I can control-click on the tree and get a popup, then select “simple MRS” and get the MRS. It is surprising that you are not seeing that.