Python version for PyDelphin v1.9.1

I tried running delphin process in a virtual environment using PyDelphin v.1.9.1 and Python 3.8. The result you can see in the image:

The command does work in a with Python 3.12:

Reading PyDelphin v1.9.0 released, I understand that PyDelphin 1.9. does not support Python 3.7 anymore. However, it doesn’t say anything about Python 3.8 not being supported anymore. Is it not supported either?

Hi @lorena, Python 3.8 is still supported. Based on the terminal output, it appears that you have installed the delphin package (PyPI link) instead of in addition to pydelphin. Try this (or just delete and rebuild your virtual environment):

$ pip uninstall delphin
$ pip install --force-reinstall pydelphin

A long time ago I requested and received ownership of the delphin package in PyPI from the original owner as they weren’t using it, so I could replace the current packages with something else to avoid this happening in the future. For instance, see what sklearn does (instead of scikit-learn).

But note the pip show output?

Both were installed and pip show pydelphin shows you the details of PyDelphin. Both packages create a delphin command in the environment and the last one to be installed overwrites the first. For example:

(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ pip install pydelphin
(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ delphin -V
delphin 1.9.1
(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ pip install delphin
(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ delphin -h
usage: delphin [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-e EXECUTE] [-d DATABASE]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        s3 path to output query results to (required)
  -e EXECUTE, --execute EXECUTE
                        query to execute (required)
  -d DATABASE, --database DATABASE
                        database to run query against (default: "default")
(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ pip show pydelphin
Name: PyDelphin
Version: 1.9.1
(.venv) [goodmami@fw ~]$ pip show delphin
Name: delphin
Version: 0.0.2
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For some reason, pip uninstall delphin doesn’t work (although the package is in the virtual environment’s files):

In the end, rebuilding the virtual environment is easier and fixes the problem. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: